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What is Thread Lift?

As we age, the elasticity of our skin weakens, our volume decreases, and we are left with sagging skin. Our bodies start producing less collagen, giving our skin that “aged” look. Where in the past, people would have opted for a surgical procedure to rejuvenate their skin, now, people can opt for a thread lift.

If you’re interested in having face threading in Sydney, you can contact us to find out whether or not our treatment can benefit you.

Face threading is a non-surgical, minimally invasive procedure used to combat a range of unwanted aesthetic issues such as hollow cheeks, the formation of jowls around the jawline, sagging cheeks, and deep wrinkles. The procedure is quick, painless, and offers immediate results. Interested in getting a youthful appearance? Continue reading.

A thread lift is a procedure that uses absorbable threads or sutures to pull up and tighten areas of the skin where it sags. Similar to suturing after surgery, these threads are placed under the skin without the need for incisions.

The threads are barbed and hooked onto areas of the deeper layers of the skin. Your cosmetic expert will then pull on these threads, tightening the skin and producing a youthful appearance.

Unlike other facelifting options for aging skin such as surgery and anti-wrinkle injections, this procedure provides immediate lifting of sagging skin with the use of threads that dissolve over time.

The lifting process also stimulates collagen production, which will tighten and rejuvenate the skin over time, producing a longer-lasting effect and is beneficial for facial ageing.

The main benefits of the face threading

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Threads are placed deep underneath the outer layer of skin to help contour your face.

Take a look at the 5 main benefits of thread lifting to see just why this procedure is popular with our clients:

  1. Instant effect – A thread lift, unlike a generic cosmetic surgery procedure, produces instant results. The nasolabial folds are treated immediately, and the initial swelling will subside within a couple of days. The absorbable threads used will slowly disintegrate within your body over time, leaving you looking naturally young and fresh.
  2. Minimal downtime – That’s right, a thread lift can sometimes be referred to as a “lunchtime facelift”. Not only can you resume most normal activities instantly, but full results of the facial rejuvenation are seen within a few days.
  3. Long-lasting – The components found within the threads degrade slowly over time. This in turn stimulates the production of collagen which continues to rejuvenate the face for periods of up to 12 months or more.
  4. Reduction of wrinkles – By stimulating collagen production, these pain-free threads can considerably reduce the number of visible wrinkles and fine lines that add years to your age.
  5. Affordable – Unlike traditional methods, a thread lift performed with us here at the Lumière Cosmetic Clinic is affordable and available on various payment plans, ensuring that your financial situation doesn’t get in the way of your beauty.
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What areas can be treated with a thread lift?

The lifting threads used during treatment are inserted into deep layers of the skin to lift and tighten from underneath. Thread facelift treatments provide varying benefits depending on which area of the face you are looking to enhance:

  • Forehead and eyebrow: If your brow is becoming lower, a lift and contour of your forehead tissues will re-correct the issue without the need for invasive surgery and weeks of downtime. Results are visible immediately and continue to improve out to 6-9 months.
  • Mid-face and cheeks: Restore the mid-face “triangle of youth” without the need for surgery. The thread lift procedure will immediately reposition the sagging midface tissue structure with minimal pain, no scalpels, and no downtime. Results improve over time as new collagen fibres surround the threads causing an ongoing lift and firmness.
  • Jawline and neck lift: Re-contour a youthful jawline and do away with jowls with thread-lifting which can create a significant lifting effect on drooping mid-face tissues, restoring a look from your younger years. Over time, new collagen proliferation around the thread causes a pleasant lifting to the jawline and jaw angle. Repeated sessions will offer even more benefits in the long term.
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A thread facelift procedure can be used on multiple areas of the face to get rid of saggy skin.

Before and After Results of a thread lift in Sydney

Take a look at some of the before and after results of thread lifting treatment offered here at our clinic.
This will help give you a realistic idea of what to expect following treatment.

What is the thread lift cost in Sydney?

The cost of the thread lift starts from $3500 or $30 per week. The actual cost of your procedure varies depending on how many threads you require, and the areas in which you need to be treated.

Individual consultation is required to determine the exact cost of your procedure. The team at Lumière Cosmetic Clinic will assess your current situation, answer any questions you may have, and determine the best path forward for you, with the exact costs provided.

This will also be the time to ask any questions you may have about the procedure to ensure you are 100% comfortable with the process, expected results and required recovery process (albeit minimal discomfort could be felt for this procedure).

Why choose Lumière Cosmetic Clinic for your thread lifts?

With over 15 years of experience in cosmetic surgery, we can ensure results that align with your goals. Whether it’s a complicated procedure or non-surgical treatment, you can rely on our team to provide you with the treatment plan that suits your needs. By choosing our Sydney cosmetic clinic, you are also getting:

  • A team that uses the latest surgical technologies to deliver results
  • A team that has completed thousands of thread lift procedures successfully
  • A team that provides support staff for your care from consultation to recovery
  • A guarantee that you will enjoy a new look and feel that you’ll love

Book a free consultation today and refresh your look. Feel confident in your appearance by calling us on 02 8964 2550 or emailing [email protected].

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Want to feel 10 years younger without going under the knife? Turn to thread lifts, your non-surgical alternative.

Frequently asked questions

Still unsure about thread lifts? Check out the section below to find out more.

What is the best age for a thread lift?

Thread lifts are known to offer optimum results in women between the ages of 25 and 60 and are most effective in removing wrinkles and loose skin in those experiencing early signs of ageing.

How long will the procedure take?

Thread lifts are swift when performed by an experienced practitioner, and the average treatment will only take around half an hour to complete. The time can vary depending on the number of threads needing to be applied. We aim to take whatever time is necessary to achieve your facial aesthetic goals to ensure you are pleased with the outcome.

Will it require me to go under general anaesthesia?

No! This is one of the great things about the thread lift procedure. There is no need to go under general anaesthesia as only the application of a local anaesthetic is required. The treatment is virtually painless once the numbing injections have taken hold.

You will experience some soreness after the procedure is completed. Typically this pain is manageable merely with some paracetamol and taking it a little easier than usual.

How long will the results of the procedure last?

The amount of time a thread lift lasts will depend to some degree on the threads used; however, around one to two years can be expected.

How many times can you have a thread lift?

A thread lift can be repeated as many times as possible once your initial results have faded. We recommend having a thread lifting surgery every 12-18 months to maintain results.

Can a thread lift be combined with other procedures?

Thread lifts can be combined with other non-surgical treatments to help accentuate a rejuvenated, youthful, refreshed appearance.

When will I notice the results?

Results are noticed almost immediately but will be most evident once the initial swelling subsides within 3-7 days.

Can I resume normal activities immediately?

Yes, you can resume normal activities immediately. However, it is best to stick to light exercises for the first 2 weeks.


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