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Is the process of ageing making your eyebrows sit lower, creating a heavy look around the eyes? Does it seem like you are frowning even when you are relaxed? If you have deep vertical lines between the eyebrows, it can seem as though you always have a worried expression. This can all be fixed with the eyebrow thread lift Sydney patients can rely on from Lumiere.

Lumière Cosmetic Clinic can help, however, with the eyebrow thread lift, Sydney patients can access which softens and smooths the upper face. The brow lift with threads offers a low-impact solution to other facelifting options and can significantly refresh your appearance, creating a more desirable and youthful look.

The main benefits of the brow thread lift procedure

Brow Thread Lift

Does it always seem like you are frowning even when you are relaxed? The eyebrow thread lift procedure can help.

  • A significant visual change to the upper third of the face
  • A restored look of freshness and being more alert
  • A youthful expression that is no longer heavy or tired look
  • No longer looking too intense or worried
  • Improvements to drooping at the outer eye
  • Removal of age-related lines on the forehead
  • Improved vision due to a raising of the brow
  • A more natural and lasting outcome
  • Relatively low downtime required

How much does the brow thread lift cost?

As the requirements of this procedure can vary for each patient, a consultation will be required to determine the exact cost. After your full assessment, an itemised quote, specific to your procedure will be provided, with our staff on-hand to answer any questions you may have, while also working out the best method of payment based on your situation.

This will also be the time to ask any questions to ensure you are 100% comfortable with  your expected results and understand all of the elements related to your recovery process.

Why should I choose Lumiere for my eyebrow thread lift procedure?

For the past 15 years, Lumière Cosmetic Clinic has offered a wide range of cosmetic procedures to help improve the lifestyles and looks of our patience. We have been successful in doing this thanks to the in-depth experience of our specialists, which has led to our impressive portfolio.

Our patients trust the fact that we can ensure results in an environment that is safe and supported.

  • Our team only uses the latest surgical technologies to ensure the finest results
  • Our portfolio features many successful eyebrow thread lift procedures
  • We offer in-depth support via staff who ensure your care from consultation to recovery
  • You will see a significant change that will positively affect you every day, both mentally and physically

If you are interested in learning more while also ensuring the Brow Lift procedure is right for you, book a free consultation today. Refresh your look and gain a youthful, confident appearance by calling us on 02 8964 2550 or emailing [email protected].

Frequently asked questions

Will I always look surprised or have trouble moving my forehead?

No. The skilled doctors and surgeons at Lumiere will ensure that your eyebrow thread lift procedure, which will provide you with a natural and youthful, refreshed appearance. When done correctly, the results should be subtle and natural.

The point of the fixing of the forehead is to prevent sagging, not moving. All regular forehead movements and expressions will resume once you have healed from the procedure.

What is involved in the recovery process for the procedure?

As with any surgery, there will be some minor discomfort during recovery, which can be made more comfortable with medication. You may experience some itchiness or swelling and require roughly one week off work, with complete recovery within three weeks.

Is the procedure covered by insurance?

This is something that will need to be determined by your particular insurance company and is also dependent on your level of cover. It may be possible that the procedure will be covered if it is deemed that a sagging brow affects your peripheral vision.

During your consultation, we will be able to provide some idea as to whether your insurance may cover your procedure.

Will this procedure affect the look of my eyes?

The eyebrow thread lift helps give a youthful appearance brightening the eyes and creating a more desirable shape for your brows. Any changes to the appearance of your eyes are usually considered to be positive, and the primary reason that a patient will undergo the procedure. All results should be natural and emphasise the look that makes you, you.

Before proceeding with any surgical procedure, patients should seek a second opinion from qualified healthcare practitioners.

The information on the website is for general guidance only and cannot be used as a basis to make a surgical decision, an initial consultation with our surgeon is required to help patients make an informed decision before proceeding with any surgical procedure.


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