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Are your lips thinning as you age? Do you desire thicker, fuller, more luscious lips? Lumière Cosmetic Clinic offers a range of less-invasive procedures, one of the most popular of which, the dermal lip fillers, have a significant impact on your facial aesthetic. With a proven safety record, lip filler offers fast results via a safe procedure.

When dealing with injectable lip dermal fillers, Sydney patients can easily heighten the face’s sensuality with a simple process from Lumiere’s team. Boost your confidence and visual appeal with one quick procedure.

How will dermal fillers for lips benefit me?

Lip fillers improve the facial region with little required downtime compared to significant facial augmentation procedures like the facelift. Lips feel the effects of sun exposure and something as natural as the ageing process can mean less volume and definition. Dermal lip injections work to offset these issues, creating a look akin to that of your youth.

Dermal lip fillers rebuild volume with fillers made of a natural material that create the following benefits:

  • Enhancing the look of your lips
  • Creating a more desirable shape
  • Evening out discrepancies
  • Adding volume
  • Creating an overall youthful aesthetic
lip dermal fillers sydney

When dealing with injectable lip dermal fillers, Sydney patients can easily heighten the sensuality of the face with a simple process from the team at Lumiere.

What lip augmentation options are available?

Different lip shapes are possible to create a pleasing aesthetic that suits your facial features, goals and lip type. The options include:

  • Full pouty lips for high sex appeal
  • Round, “cute” lips
  • Shapeless with no defined outline
  • Thin volume with a defined border
  • Wide and moisture-rich
  • Even to create a more symmetrical look

All lip fillers can be blended with a local anaesthetic cream for a more comfortable application process. We also offer a range of skincare solutions that can be combined with a lip augmentation to further improve your look.

sydney cosmetic clinic

How much will lip fillers cost?

Our competitively-priced lip fillers cost will vary based on the amount you require, which is why a consultation is the first step. Our team will provide all relevant information to ensure you are entirely comfortable and answer any questions you may have. Once you have been assessed, we will provide a full, detailed quote specific to your procedure with all costs included.

lip dermal fillers

There are different lip shapes possible to create a pleasing aesthetic that suits your facial features, goals and lip type.

Why choose us for lip augmentation?

Our expert team has over 15 years of experience across a wide range of cosmetic surgery procedures. Every patient is in safe hands as we only use the latest surgical technologies. Our extensive portfolio of successful lip filler procedures provides peace of mind, along with the full support from our experts who work hard to revitalise your look.

Ask about Lumière Cosmetic Clinic’s successful track record and meet your cosmetic surgeon today. Positive aesthetic outcomes for women across Sydney are easy when the experts are on the case.

Frequently asked questions

Which lips are right for me?

Aesthetic preference is subjective, and your specific goals, along with advice from our team, will determine the realistic and achievable look for you. Your new lips should suit the natural definition of your face. The bottom lip should often be more substantial than the top as a general starting point.

What sort of elements will lip augmentation change?

The general goal of lip augmentation is the restoration of lip volume for improvement of shape. Enhancing the vermilion and filling the areas around the lips while correcting fine upper lip lines are just some of the ways that our team can create a different aesthetic. Along with a more refreshed look, many patients experience increased self-esteem and confidence.

There are many lip filler providers, who should I choose?

While many various outlets offer injection-based procedures, inexperienced operators create unnecessary risk and should be avoided for your own safety. When administered incorrectly, harmful side effects are possible. Always ensure a qualified, experienced provider is administering your lip injections to ensure low risk.

All Lumière Cosmetic Clinic personnel who administer lip injections have medical training that ensures a low-risk procedure and significantly increases the chances of a successful result.

How painful will lip fillers be?

Pain is experienced differently by every patient; however, this procedure is already associated with low pain levels. At most, the injection administration is the highest point of pain during the procedure, and this can be lessened with a local anaesthetic. A slight stinging is the most you will likely experience, and this will subside relatively quickly.

What risks should I be aware of when it comes to lip fillers?

One of the primary reasons why lip fillers are such a popular and widely-requested option is their proven safety record. The use of a natural substance from the body means that the risk of allergic reaction is low. While all injectable cosmetic treatments should be explained with a certain level of risk, the fact that the experienced team at Lumière Cosmetic Clinic is administering your filler alone significantly drops any chances of an adverse reaction. Everything you need to know will be explained during your consultation to ensure complete peace of mind.

Before proceeding with any surgical procedure, patients should seek a second opinion from qualified healthcare practitioners.

The information on the website is for general guidance only and cannot be used as a basis to make a surgical decision, an initial consultation with our surgeon is required to help patients make an informed decision before proceeding with any surgical procedure.


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